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Finally a place to share my thoughts and findings

Posted in Life

Hi there, my name is Barry and I’ve been working in the web as a Front End Designer for over 8 years and i’m ashamed to say i’ve never had my own blog! Well enough is enough. I’ve spent the last few weekends putting together this small blog so I can start putting my thoughts out there. It’s not perfect but like any website I will be updating and changing it as I go forward.

What will I be blogging about?

There are times when I’ve been working on a website and came across some issues, so when I finally find a solution I would like to share how I did this. Outside of work I want to start learning about new technologies like Angular or Backbone. For example I’ve just came across a website called Code School these guys have a free course called Shaping Up With AngularJS so I will be blogging about this as I go.

Code School - Angular

I may also share some personal thoughts. I’m a proud new Dad! so I will being sharing some tips of what i’ve learnt so far also maybe share some of the mistakes i’ve made so others may see so they don’t mess up like I did for example if your two week old baby has hiccups don’t try and scare her to make them go away.

I hope you find what I write useful and I look forward to sharing some of things I come across. Wish me luck!