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CSS Grid my first attempts

Posted in Learning

As you will know I’m a massive fan of Perch CMS. One of it’s co-founders is Rachel Andrew who lately has been talking about CSS Grid. Now that most of the major browsers have implemented this I thought I would give it a go. I probably won’t be using it on clients websites for a while due to browser support but I thought I would try it out anyway.

I have found this great website called Grid By Example

Here is my first attempt. I’m enjoying learning about this so far. At Fishtank Creative we have implemented our own framework which recently implemented Flexbox to be used for grids I think we could soon be implementing CSS grid into our framework.

See the Pen Messing with CSS Grid by Barry Corrigan (@barrycorrigan) on CodePen.

Start Using CSS Grid Layouts Today - Render 2017

This video of Rachel Andrew speaking at Render 2017 has just been made available. I really enjoy her talks and CSS grids. IT’S THE FUTURE!