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The value of feedback in your project

Posted in Learning

Recently i’ve been thinking quite a bit about how we can get the best out of the projects we build for our clients. It made me think back to when we [Fishtank Creative] launched the Wigan Warriors website. After working with the client on the design and build we decided to launch the website in beta and gave a select number of fans access to the new website so they can give their feedback and let us know if we have made any mistakes after all they are the most important people.

We got some really good feedback but there was one person who emailed us. This fan was visually impaired and mentioned the use of colours used on the fixtures table made it really difficult for him to read it properly. When we looked at the fixtures we could see what he was talking about.

We discussed this with the client and came up with a solution of providing a button to be able to turn all the styles off and make them black and white.

Turning the styles of for the visually impaired

We then went back to the fan and he was grateful of this addition.

So it just goes to show by getting some feedback or doing some user testing is a valuable exercise to get the best out of your project before launch.